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The Founder

Vhome Design & Marketing Sdn. Bhd. | Group Founder

Group Founder

Detail and Attitude is everything.

If we make a wrong decision in business management, we will start losing customer In the market and they will have no confident with your company. We have a great team working together, each department need to cooperate well to achieve wonderful sales we nee to keep expanding and reach to another level of business model.


Vhome Design & Marketing Sdn. Bhd. | <span>OUR </span>STORY


“There Is No Best, Only Better”

With a vision to propel their business forward and build a budding empire, Vhome Group of Company started operations in the Aluminium Windows & Doors and Aluminium Furniture Industry since 2011 by Mr Alan Chua. Vhome Group specializes in product design, production and sales. Some of their products include aluminium wardrobe, aluminium TV cabinet, solid aluminium kitchen cabinet and more. At the same time, they also provide high performance casement windows as well as sliding and folding doors to complete the ideal dream home for custom.

Vhome Group uses quality products, each component are closely monitored and high quality control is exercised during the manufacturing process. By emphasizing on top-notch products and incomparable service, they are also the pioneer in bringing in the latest cabinet and window trends around the world, to give customers the most stylish pieces at a fraction of the price. There is bound to be something to fulfill every homeowners’ desired style at Vhome!


Moving Forward with Inspiration and Innovation

Under the guidance of founder Alan Chua, the company has grown by leaps and bounds – from an initial single shop lot to the current three consecutive shop lots – in a mere few years. To improve the company’s productions capacity and efficiency, the company purchased a semidetached factory in 2016 and is expected to operate business there in 2017. In the future, the company will strive to manufacture in-house designs that are on par with global brands, all with the aim of helping customers to attain their dream home.